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Explore our diverse programming solutions, continuously updated with emerging technologies to meet evolving customer needs. I aspire to contribute as a Developer, Programmer, or Business Systems Analyst, applying my expertise in research, design, development, and organization. Proficient in various domains including database, UNIX, and front-end development encompassing PowerBuilder, .NET, HTML, JavaScript, and jQuery. Embrace multi-faceted software development prowess with us.

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In my professional journey, I have demonstrated a consistent track record of accomplishments. One notable achievement involved creating a SQL Server 2008 R2 database and orchestrating the smooth migration of an MS Access program to this new platform. Furthermore, during my tenure at Yamaha, I actively contributed to the enhancement of their Informix database. This included the creation and implementation of database stored procedures, triggers, and 4GL programs. I also played a pivotal role in introducing new windows to enhance the functionality of existing applications.

My expertise extends to a comprehensive proficiency in SQL Server, ranging from version 6.5 to 2008, where I leveraged the PowerBuilder framework for front-end tasks. In addition, I possess a robust experience of more than 3 years in Oracle databases, which further underscores my versatility in database management. Notably, I engaged in collaborative projects involving DB2 stored procedures during my tenure at AARP, showcasing my adaptability to diverse database environments. These skills were used in the following places:

  • Hasbro, Pawtucket, RI
  • Orange County Courthouse, Orange, CA
  • AARP, Lakewood, CA
  • Universal Music Group, Universal City, CA
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment, Culver City, CA
  • Buena Vista Television, Burbank, CA
  • Kaiser, Pasadena, CA

I have worked with Powerbuilder since version 3 in 1995. I've worked in Client Server environments for more than 10 years.

At Wells Fargo Bank, I added new windows, datawindows and non-visual user objects. I modified Powerbuilder chemical-related programs at Hasbro's QA group. At NewTechCare Systems, I modified a Powerbuilder Home Health Care provider application program by enhancing the UB92 form and modifying the SQL Server database. I also corrected EDI files generated by the program. These skills were used at the following places:

  • Wells Fargo Bank, Charlotte, NC
  • Hasbro, Pawtucket, RI
  • Orange County Courthouse, Orange, CA
  • Yamaha, Cypress, CA
  • Southern California Edison, Irwindale, CA
  • JDS Solutions, Carlsbad, CA
  • NewTechCare Systems, Garden Grove, CA
  • Ameriquest, ACC Capital Holdings Corp, Orange, CA

Re-engineered and extended a high-visibility legacy ASP web application to ASP.NET and C#. This entailed: designing the new architecture; creating a component-based, reusable data layer; creating a control-based web interface with a look and feel similar to the legacy application yet easily extensible
Maintained and enhanced ASP.NET website and corrected problems in web site and SQL Server database. Modified cascading style sheets to improve website theme. Modified XML web sitemap and web pages. I created new web pages using the latest jQuery capabilities for Lightboxes, Sliders, fast Slide Shows. These skills were used at the following places:

  • This web site!
  • Southern California Edison, Irwindale, CA
  •, Parsippany, NJ
  • Stadium Vineyard, Orange, CA

Created a multi-tier website in ASP.NET and performed production support for the Total Reconciliation Solution and Unclaimed Property Compliance System. Modified Oracle Stored Procedures, Functions, and Packages.
Received intensive training from a Microsoft certified training partner. The .NET Developer Master’s Program included training in .NET Framework, C#, ADO, NET, ASP.NET. This training was used to develop a series of projects that ranged from Console apps to n-tier Windows Forms and ASP.NET applications. Other technologies used were XML, HTML, and CSS.
Responsible for software development and website maintenance and enhancement. Enhance the master page and repair SQL Server database on the website. Modify cascading style sheets to improve website theme. Modify XML web sitemap and web pages.
Environment: C#, ASP.NET, Visual Studio, .NET Framework, Microsoft SQL Server These skills were used in the following places:

  • Southern California Edison, Irwindale, CA
  •, Parsippany, NJ
  • Stadium Vineyard, Orange, CA

As an Operational Support Systems Analyst, Network Services Analyst and Programmer, designed and developed programs in C language, UNIX shell scripts, and SQL over a multi-year period. Some of this development used an Informix database. As a Network Services Analyst at GTE, designed and developed a Call Trace program for the GTE Security Department in all regions of the country. Led and facilitated RAD/JAD sessions. Coordinated all aspects of the project from defining user requirements to writing all documentation and worked with users from all regions of the country*. I led an 8-person team on a cross-functional project to research and standardize Emergency Call Trace Procedures for all GTE telephone offices in Southern California. This process incorporated all facets of Total Quality Management*.
*I received GTE Individual Excellence Awards for these actions
These skills were used at the following places:
GTE at Ontario, CA; Fort Wayne, IN; Tampa, FL and Dallas, TX

Sql Server Oracle Informix MS Access

Database Development

I have designed database tables, indexes, packages, stored procedures, triggers, and other pivotal database components. At various instances, I have employed ETL methodologies to swiftly prototype projects and present mockups to business stakeholders.

Appeon Powerbuilder


I leverage PowerBuilder to craft new programs and enhance existing ones as per business needs, utilizing the PowerBuilder Foundation Class library, diverse window types, data windows, and pipelines. I adeptly integrate PowerBuilder with SOAP and REST web services for seamless data retrieval from external sources.

HTML JavaScript Python CSS3 logo and wordmark

HTML/Web Development

I optimize web page loading for resilience against recent Google algorithm shifts. My most recent project involved developing a website using HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap, ensuring responsiveness across devices.